About Me

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Hubert Sevignat

About me...

My name is Hubert. 

Originally from France, I moved here to Ireland over twenty years ago. What started as a quest for adventure fuelled by a need to change horizons has led me on a journey of self-discovery bringing me profound inner change. Since arriving here I’ve practiced meditation, 5 Rhythms and Movement Medicine dance, tantra, men’s circles, various types of group, one-to-one and holistic therapies, as well as sweat lodges and shamanic rituals. 


Today, I am a fully qualified and registered reflexologist, and a Somatic Reclamation facilitator. My clinic is at Island of Geese in Tralee, where I offer both modalities. Additionally, I also lead Men’s Circles, where men meet and share their achievements as well as their struggles, their dreams as well as their heartbreaks.


What makes my practice so unique? I have a particular talent for listening and holding a safe, nurturing and confidential space. I am passionate about helping people finding answers and remedies to their life’s challenges. If you’re struggling with physical or emotional issues, going through a period of transition in your life, or are just looking for relaxation, to slow down or explore your inner world, get in touch with me. My commitment is to bring real, tangible results to you, my clients. 


Contact me directly for any queries, or phone me on 086 38 44797. You’ll be glad you did!

My Values and Work Ethics

I’ve been interested in the holistic approach to human health for over 20 years. I strongly believe that complementary therapies have their rightful place and a profound potential to bring about healing to their clients. I am a great listener and am finely tuned to somatic cues. I have a deep commitment to client safety, confidentiality, well-being and ultimately, satisfaction. I work very intuitively and bring my clients along on the healing journey to help them find answers within. I believe in empowering my clients to find their own answers and follow their own guidance.

Hubert is a registered member of the NRRI (National Registered of Reflexologists – Ireland).

“'Hubert is extremely professional; he made me feel very at ease with something that was entirely new to me. I've a great sense that the treatments were a collaboration and that I've been involved in my own healing. ”

Luke, 28