Somatic Reclamation

What is Somatic Reclamation?

Simply put, Somatic Reclamation is a method of trauma deactivation. Its premise is that our bodies, through the nervous system, store any hurts, stresses and traumas that are not being lovingly embraced, witnessed and discharged. Those stored hurts, stresses and traumas create in us very intelligent (but very rigid) strategies to help us cope in the world. Significantly, those strategies will influence and shape our values and beliefs, and sometimes, through denial and coping mechanisms, distort our very perception of reality. Furthermore, in many cases they may affect negatively our bodies and cause mental, emotional or even physical dis-ease(s).  


This is particularly prevalent in our ‘modern’, Western world. Undeniably, we live under the influence of subtle but powerful unconscious oppression systems. These operate a control of almost every compartment of our lives, often without us even realising it. From a very young age right up to adulthood, one of those oppressions is the shaming, and prevention, of discharging, which is the healthy expression of a range of emotions and physical reactions that are our bodies’ natural response to hurts, stresses or traumas. 


Somatic Reclamation offers you a space where that discharge not only can happen, but is evidently welcomed and encouraged. Through my active listening, I will offer you a safe, supportive and nurturing space. There, I will help you explore your unconscious, gain understanding and perspective, free yourself from old strategies and find your own solutions and antidotes. One of the further beauties of the process is that it offers you, the client, a sense of re-empowerment. Working together, our common goal will be to create a secure frame where you will feel safe to explore your inner world. You, as the client, lead the session and find the keys to open the doors; I am a facilitator, a support, a helping hand in the process. 


Discharging significantly allows the nervous system to free itself of those old strategies. It also helps the brain repattern itself to connect you back to the present moment, back to reality and possibility. 


Remember that oppression systems have driven out of us those simple truths: 


We are completely good and always do our best.
We are intelligent and can find solutions to any of life’s problems.
We are loving and lovable.
We have a natural drive and zest for life.
We want to connect and cooperate. 


Only unresolved trauma separates us from the reality of those simple truths. Somatic Reclamation may help you in freeing yourself from it and finding greater clarity and inner peace. And an expanded sense of presence and purpose. 


I had the privilege to train in this modality with its own creator Emily Waymire, an amazing visionary with decades of experience in the fields of family constellations and trauma release. I owe her, and Daniel Burge, a debt of gratitude. 


Somatic Reclamation can work very deeply. Though most clients experience instant shifts from the first sessions, repeat visits, and commitment will add depth and bring the best results. As such I recommend any client to book a course of a minimum of 4 sessions to give the modality the best chance of proving its worth. Sessions are one hour in length, and can be held in person at my clinic in Tralee, or online via Zoom or Skype. 


Price per session: €60. 
Course of 4 sessions – pre-paid: € 220. 


To learn more or book sessions, call me on 086 3844797 or message me on my Contact page.