What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive complementary therapy. Its origins can be found on age-old foot manipulation techniques from ancient Egypt, India, and China. The theory behind Foot Reflexology is that body parts like muscles, organs, glands, bones, etc., are mirrored in nerve endings in precise zones within the feet. Working these different zones may help relieve pain, discomfort and tensions, and promote restoration to greater wellbeing. I see my work as a Reflexologist mainly as that of a facilitator. While my hands work the appropriate pressure points, it is my clients’ body that does its own internal healing work. 


Why use Reflexology?

Reflexology has been proven to provide great benefits to its clients, especially in terms of relaxation and blood circulation. It may equally help in a host of conditions be it in the physical, mental or emotional realms.

Most of my clients experience great relief from the sessions. Additionally, many of them report a lessening, and sometimes a complete reversal, of symptoms. Whatever your condition, you can rest assured that I’ll bring you my full attention and work diligently with you. I have trained to the highest standards and am always keen to keep myself up-to-date. Finally, I work very intuitively, and love connecting with my clients to help them find answers and solutions. 


To book a treatment, call me on 086 38 44797 or message me on my Contact page.

“I really enjoyed the sessions, some of which have been deeply powerful for my well-being. I hadn't expected the reflexology treatment course to bring me on such an emotional journey, but I feel extremely grateful for it. ”

Niamh, 46


My Reflexology sessions are one hour in length, with an extra 15 minutes added on for the first consultation.

Reflexology is not a quick-fix; my aim is to work with the client to try figure out with them the reasons underlying any given condition or life situation. As such, I would often advise anyone coming to me to commit to a few sessions, usually between three to six. I always discuss those options with my clients, and we both decide the course of action that will best suit their needs. 
Price per session: €60.